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Borodino Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. : 2500 Nunnery Rd., Skaneateles, NY 13152 : phone: 315.673.3735 : e-mail us

Photos by Bob Sterling, 6/15/10

D 2007

1990 American Eagle Mini Pumper (Engine 2)

Around the firehouse we refer to this truck as the "mini". It is used mainly to fill tankers during a fire emergency. The truck can pump 1000 gallons per minute. There is also a 200-gallon water tank on-board that can be used to extinguish a small brush fire in a remote area.
The truck has four wheel drive allowing it to access areas not reachable with the larger vehicles.

1986 American Eagle Pumper (TP-2)

When you hear Borodino firemen talking about the "TP" they are referring to this truck. This is the workhorse in a fire situation. All of the hoses used to extinguish a blaze will be fed from this truck or others like it. There is a 1000-gallon tank and a 1250-gallon per minute pump on the TP.

1994 Freightliner Tanker (TA-1)

This truck is Borodino's answer to a fireplug. As you all know there are no water mains out here so all water used at a fire must be hauled in. The Borodino tanker can carry 3500 gallons of water and it also has the "portable pond" on-board. In a fire situation the pond is dropped and kept filled by using this and other tankers from the area. The "mini" fills the tankers from selected ponds or maybe Skaneateles Lake depending upon where the fire is located.

1989 Kenworth Rescue Vehicle (Rescue 2)  RETIRED 2007

This is the apparatus that most Borodino residents are familiar with. It will typically be used for every call, either to carry personnel to a fire or medical equipment to an illness or injury response. Because over 70% of the Borodino responses are for illness or injury this vehicle is very important. It carries an automated external defibrillator, which may be needed to help a heart patient. There are ample supplies of oxygen, splints and bandages. This truck also carries equipment that can cut up a wrecked car to free a trapped victim.